Money Making Conversations is a weekly one-hour television show hosted by brand architect Rushion McDonald.

The EMMY award-winning television and film producer has produced and created national marketing campaigns, blockbuster movies, hit sitcoms, reality shows, and syndicated television shows.

Rushion recognizes that we all have different definitions of success. For you, it may be the size of your paycheck. Always “Lead with your Gifts!”and don’t let your age, friends, family, or co-workers stop you from planning or living your dreams. His show gives the consumer and business owners access to Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Industry Influencer’s, and Celebrities. Rushion wants you to stop tripping over small challenges and prepare to rise above the bigger obstacles that life will present to you. It is time to stop reading other people’s success stories and start writing your own. The show’s guests deliver information about career planning, motivation, financial literacy, and how they lead a balanced life.

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